About Us

You might be wondering who we are and what makes us different.

Founded by Alene, a working mum of two under two and Jerry, a busy millennial so young he’s scared of kids. Despite having such different upbringings, we both saw how hard it was for our parents and ourselves to put healthy meals on the table, against a system which made things confusing, inconvenient and expensive.

So we set out to create a better market, a market which catered not just for the products we put in our bodies but on our bodies and around a home. A market that is accessible for everyone and a market that helps support the ones that need it the most.

Our mission is to make healthy living the way it should be; simple, affordable and accessible to everyone

We curate the best products, filtered by the values that matter to you the most, making it convenient with free delivery and the best of all, at close to wholesale price.

Our members are what makes Wholesome Market possible. We all share the same passion to find the best products, support better brands and help make the world a happier place in the process.

Wholesome Gives is our social impact program. For every paid member, we give a membership to a low-income individual or family, volunteer firefighter or person with a disability. You can read more about our commitment to helping others, here.

We’ve only just launched in July of 2020 but we’re super excited to bring you the best products at the best prices and with your help - provide for those that need it to the most.

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