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We do the research so you don’t have to. Our team carefully selects every single one of the products we have on offer to make sure they’re not only delicious or effective, but good for you, the community and the planet. We use our own criteria to ensure all products are eco-health products.

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    Free delivery over $79

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How does Wholesome membership work?

Thousands of members across Australia use Wholesome to save money on eco-health products. As a Wholesome member you’ll save up to 30% on products that not only taste good but are good for the planet and community. Charging an annual membership fee of $59.95 (or $5/month) allows us to charge close to wholesale prices on 3,000+ healthy groceries and pass on the savings directly to you. 

Your membership also sponsors a free membership for a family in need and five healthy meals to vulnerable Australians through our partnership with OzHarvest. 

We’re so confident that you’ll love us we offer a 30-day risk free trial after you place your first order. You can cancel anytime within the 30 days and you won’t be charged. 

In addition to savings, your membership gives you access to:

  • 3,000+ consciously curated eco-health products
  • Over (50) filters that make it easy to shop by your personal values and lifestyle 
  • Free full-size gifts with every order
  • Exclusive promotions and deals
  • New and exciting products added every month
  • Free, carbon-neutral shipping on orders $79+
  • Lowest product price guarantee
  • Our savings guarantee

We are grateful for your membership, but if for whatever reason the membership doesn’t make sense for you, you can cancel your membership any time. 

How much do I save as a member?

Members save up to 30% on our 3,000+ range of eco-health products. On average, our members make back their membership fee in savings within two orders and can save thousands of dollars a year. As a guarantee, if you don’t make back your membership in one year we’ll provide the next year for free. 

We also offer our members a lowest price guarantee - if you see a lower price advertised elsewhere we’ll beat it or credit you the difference! 

How do I become a Wholesome member?

Fill your cart with your favourite healthy groceries and take advantage of incredible savings by ticking the checkbox to start your free trial at cart or checkout. You will have 30 days to try us risk free (cancel anytime) after which you will be charged the membership fee and continue to enjoy the benefits.

Can I order if I don't have a membership?

It is not mandatory to have a membership to make a purchase on Wholesome. However, a Wholesome membership will give you access to:

  • Discounts of up to 30% on our entire range of eco-health products
  • Free full-size gifts with every order
  • Exclusive promotions and deals
  • Lowest price guarantee
  • Supporting your community just by being a member
  • and so much more!
How often can I order?

You can order as often as you like, with no order frequency requirements or limits. You can place an order once a month, once a week, or every day if you want to! With up to 30% off our entire range of eco-health products, the more you shop, the more you save.

How does Wholesome help the community?

We started Wholesome Market with a greater goal in mind - to make nourishing, high quality, planet-friendly products available to everyone. For every new member, we donate a free membership to an individual or family that may not otherwise be able to afford one. For every member we also donate the monetary equivalent of five meals to help the most vulnerable Australians get access to nutritious meals. Read more here. 

What products does Wholesome sell?

We believe that how a product is sourced, produced, and distributed and the way in which our brand partners conduct their business is equally as important as the product’s ingredients. We've defined our own criteria with which we evaluate each and every product we carry to ensure it complies. We define the brands and products that meet our criteria as eco-health products. These products are not only good for us to consume or use on our bodies or in our homes, but equally good for the planet and good for the community. Read more about eco-health here. 

Have a product or brand suggestion you think would meet our criteria or are you a brand that would like to work with Wholesome? We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch here. 

How do I cancel my membership?

Our members save up to 30% on our incredible range of eco-health products, saving thousands of dollars a year on their favourite healthy groceries plus have access to numerous other exclusive member benefits. We also have a savings guarantee and your membership helps sponsor a membership for Australians in need.

We're grateful that you've tried Wholesome Market and if you would still like to cancel, just fill out our cancellation form here. Please also allow 48 hours for a response.

If you cancel during your 30-day free trial period you will not be charged the membership fee. If you cancel after your 30-day free trial period has ended and you have been charged the membership fee of $59.95 you will be refunded the fee (providing no order has been placed after the 30-day trial has ended).

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