Bone Broth Body Glue Lemon & Herb 390g

Bone Broth Body Glue Lemon & Herb 390g

Vegetable Gravy Mix - 200g

Vegetable Gravy Mix - 200g

Bone Broth Body Glue Natural 390g

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Why You’ll Love It

Now you can experience all the amazing benefits of a premium quality grass-fed beef bone broth in just minutes. Simply add 1 teaspoon to a cup of hot water for instant, delicious and 100% REAL Bone Broth. For thousands of years almost every culture learnt to consume a form of bone broth as one of their very first superfoods to help them stay strong, healthy and well nourished. As we now navigate a modern world of processed foods, body taxing medications and non stop environmental stresses this nourishing ancient elixir can have even greater benefits now. BENEFITS: • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY • SUPPORTS GUT HEALING • FIGHTS FOOD SENSITIVITIES • IMMUNE BOOSTING • ANTI-AGING PROPERTIES • PALEO FRIENDLY • ALLERGEN FRIENDLY GREAT SOURCE OF: • NATURAL COLLAGEN • AMINO ACIDS • GLUCOSAMINE • ESSENTIAL FATS • ESSENTIAL MINERALS

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100% grass-fed beef bones (82%) Naturally Evaporated Sea Salt

Gevity Rx

About Gevity Rx

Gevity Rx produces the most nutrient-dense bone broth based products. Founders Mark and Atlanta Fowler’s passion for developing unparalleled health products comes from personal experience in creating tools to overcome their own health challenges. Atlanta tried every bone broth on the market but saw no improvement. They decided it was time to take matters into their own hands. ... see more
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